Joe Hafkey & Danny Palumbo (& Nick Mullen)


This week I invited two more comedians that are relatively new to the Austin comedy scene, Joe Hafkey and Danny Palumbo.

Joe moved here last summer from Richmond, VA, and Palumbo followed shortly after, coming down from Pittsburgh, PA. We talked about music, small-town comedy, small-town racism and the art (or lack thereof) of sampling in hip-hop. Also, this is the first episode that features the official Grow Up! theme song by Micah McKee!

Oh yeah, and Nick Mullen was our surprise special guest!



Original air date 03-22-12

SXSW Exclusive w/ Lucas Molandes, Brooke Van Poppelen and Micah McKee


Thursday, I partied sat down to discuss life and music with Lucas Molandes, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Micah McKee.

Lucas is a great comedian, formerly of Austin but now a Big Apple resident, who has been written about all over the blogosphere, and even contributes to it himself.

Brooke is also a stellar comic, also from New York, and also a super funny writer.

Micah is a rock star from the dirty NOLA: songwriter/frontman for Little Maker/Empress Hotel and music enthusiast, to say the least.

We talked about thrift stores vs vintage, sorting by color vs. sorting by size, we find out what the most over-covered song is, and of course we’re treated to an in-studio performance by Little Maker.

It was amazing, and I hope you enjoy it.


Original air date 03-15-12

Zach Hanes & Cody Dearing


On this latest episode of Grow Up!, I invited to the show two hilarious gentlemen, Cody Dearing and Zachary Hanes.

Cody is a popular figure in the Austin improv world, and Zach is a standup with an improv background. Both dudes love music, talking, and being funny, so they were a natural fit for the show. We talked about improv, board games, music from our respective hometowns (Zach is from Nina, WI and Cody is From Euless, TX) and you’ll also hear the world debut single from Austin, TX’s own Thad Newman, MC, “Chodes on the Loose”.



Original air date 03-08-12

Duncan Carson & Kath Barbadoro


In this episode, I sit down with Kath Barbadoro and Duncan Carson. Both are comedians who are fairly new to the Austin comedy scene but have already made names for themselves. Kath runs the popular Tuesday open mic Cherrywood Comedy Happy Hour and Duncan runs his own bi-weekly mic at Austin Java.

Both are very funny, and both are avid music fans, and this was a really fun, fast-paced show full of philosophical musings on music, comedy, and life, not to mention you’ll hear tunes from The Warlocks, Guided by Voices, Drake (chopped n screwed) and more!

Original air date 03-01-12

Kerri Lendo & Blake Midgette


This week, I invited comedians Kerri Lendo and Blake Midgette to the studio.

We talked about their lives back in their home towns (Kerri’s from Philly, Blake’s for Sterling, VA), the music they love, where shitty comic books come from and what I didn’t get about Blake’s old band. You’ll also hear tracks from The Replacements, pg. 99, Grass Widow and more!



Original air date 02-23-12

Jared Hawley & Ryan Cownie


Holy shit. My guests last week were Ryan Cownie (aka Thad Newman, MC) and Jared Hawley (They Aint Ready).

Both these guys are completely out of their minds, adding an air of unpredictability to every stand-up show they’re on. We talked about hip-hop, (casual) BMX, (casual) skateboarding, why stand-up comedy is boring and cartoons are in, not to mention you’ll hear some great music from MC Thad Newman plus an attempt at a freestyle. Kinda.


Original air date 02-16-12

Mike Wiebe & Jake Flores


Last Thursday, I hung out with Riverboat Gamblers’ frontman Mike Wiebe, and Altercation/Fun Fun Fun Fest favorite Jake Flores.

We discussed coexisting with booze, how it supplements our lives, how The Dead Milkmen and The Misfits are two extremely important bands that everyone should get into early in their lives, and whether or not we’re actually just adult children. Plus, you’ll hear tunes from Royal Baths, Roger Miller, Agent Orange and The Riverboat Gamblers!

Thanks for listening,


Original air date 02-09-12

Joe Staats & JT Habersaat


I sat down with comedian & Altercation magazine editor JT Habersaat as well as fellow punk rock comedian and Sandstone overlord, Joe Staats.

We really get to the bottom of what’s punk and what’s not, what selling out really is, a way-too-long discussion about Aerosmith, and Staats drops a couple of bombs involving the Rolling Stones and Gallagher’s daughter. Also, you’ll hear tracks from Born to Lose, Jay Reatard, The Blue Meanies, and more.



Original air date 01-26-12

Brian Gaar & Bryan Gutmann


In easily the nerdiest episode yet, I sat down with Brian Gaar, journalist and curator of the Friday night Velveeta Room showcase “It’s Always Funny w/ Brian Gaar”, and Bryan Gutmann, an FPIA winner who recently performed at Just for Laughs. What ensued was a very fun, very nerdy conversation.

We discussed nightmares, what people would say about us if were dead, at one point I compare car crashes and pornography, and of course we cover a lot of video game-related ground. Plus you’ll hear tracks from Canned Heat, Hacienda (from San Antonio), The Advantage and more.



Original air date 01-19-12

John Tole & Chris Cubas


Thursday’s episode with John Tole & Chris Cubas was TONS OF FUN. We talk about going to hardcore shows in our younger years, John’s Bad Religion thesis, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Chris’ new band Chuck & the Biscuits, not to mention you’ll hear music from one of John’s old bands as well as CCR, Random Axe, Sick of it All, and more.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The song “Sabbra Cadabra” by Black Sabbath was played and is referenced, but has been edited out due to length.

Thanks for listening!


Original air date 01/12/12